We are taking new pictures all the time. Cut Flower Wholesale, where the photographs are taken, receives flowers from all countries around the world and we are always at the forefront of new crops, growers and trends. We have a team of professionals who share information to ensure that the flower database is kept up-to-date.
Picture yourself being in a bridal consultation and having all the flower pictures and information at your fingertips. Now, imagine having all those powerful tools on your own website! Create custom Albums for each potential customer. Make notes in these folders. Showcase pictures of your own floral design work. Email Albums to your customers or share them on Facebook. Potential customers can even make their own flower albums on your website and you will be notified instantly. We have created all the tools you need to get started and put them in one convenient place! Try us out … you will be amazed!
We love what we do and we love flowers. We actively work with the product and we appreciate the beauty it offers the consumer. We are not some internet company or consulting firm trying to create a new business. We are a group of floral professionals who have come together to create this extraordinary Flower Gallery. We have cultivated relationships with growers all around the world and we use these connections to ensure most accurate information in our database. We are committed to taking our own professional quality pictures rather than using other people's pictures. We believe that having consistent, high resolution flower pictures is the key to success.
Sure you can, but for the cost of less than 70 cents per day you can enjoy the same benefits that companies have who have invested thousands of dollars into their own website. Why would you send your customers to a competitor's website? Capture your customer and give them a reason to come back to your site and show their friends. Build your business by word of mouth!
Our Flower Gallery is solely for viewing enjoyment, along with the ability to create Albums so florists and other retailers alike can connect more efficiently with their customers. Onlineflowersearch.com does not sell flowers. We are creating opportunities for you by making our Flower Gallery available to you.
No, signing up for our Flower Gallery only allows you to view and organize the photographs in a way that it is deemed most beneficial to you, but pictures are not allowed to be kept on local computers. Onlineflowersearch.com is a federal trademark and all of our photographs are copyrighted. Removing watermarks is unlawful and downloading or capturing pictures is not allowed.
You are in complete control. You can get started quickly with our "Typical" selection, which lists the most commonly available flowers, and review to make sure you are only showing photographs that you can source from your suppliers.
For the Basic Site, as long as you have a desktop computer or laptop with internet access, you are ready to go! No programming skills required either. All you need is an email address and you can setup your own florist website!
Just sign up for free for a month, select the flowers you want to be included on your site, load up your logo, choose one of our professionally designed templates and you are ready to go!
For the moment, we only accept applications from retail florists, designers and event companies. If you are a Wholesale Florist, please visit http://www.PremiumWholesaleFlorist.com to see how we can offer you a state-of-the-art solution, not only including our Flower Gallery, but also a Blogging site as well as e-commerce!
Our membership is yearly, not monthly. For the Basic Site Benefits, we charge $199/annually. For the Premium Site Benefits we charge $999/monthly. If you start with the Basic Site and during the year, you want to upgrade to the Premium Site, we will apply a credit for the unused portion of the Basic Site to your account and charge you the Annual amount for the Premium Site.
We send you several reminders that your renewal date is approaching. If your subscription should lapse, you have 3 months in which you can sign up again without losing all the data, such as your site settings and the Albums. After 3 months your URL also becomes available again to new customers.
Yes, when you sign up you can pick a web address subject to availability. We cannot accommodate duplicate names so hurry and secure your name ASAP. The early bird gets the worm!